Music enthusiasts, singers, community leaders and members gathered at the Mt Eden War Memorial Hall on Friday, August 7 to witness the first live music concert in the community since the first wave of Covid-19 in the country.

'Yeh Saam Aapke Naam' was delivered as a hit live music show with a house full presence last Friday where the visitors lauded every element of the show, from lighting to decorations, singers, song selection to timings and dinner.

Organised by Flair n' Fun and presented real estate agent Tanya Mehra, the show was lauded by the audience for its presentation and overall delivery for a Friday evening concert.

The idea behind the show was to create a platform where local singers, musicians and new talents can come together after months of lockdown and gathering restrictions and perform and entertain the audience.

The show's VIP tickets were sold in the first few weeks of the announcement and the general admission too picked up with time close to the event.

Moreover, the audience accepted the new format of the show which was not limited to one genre of music but had different elements such as retro, contemporary, Punjabi, Telugu, Sufi to cater all categories of music lovers.

"We visioned to create a show that supports both local talents and small and medium enterprises who have lost business revenue due to different levels of lockdown this year. Through this show, we were able to promote the businesses in the community and our talented artists who too deserved a much-needed platform to perform again," Ali Surhip, from Flair n' Fun, said.

Tanya Mehra, presenter of the show said the concert was a resounding success, and they have been receiving rave reviews about it from the audience, even almost a week after the event.