Shravan one of the holiest and most auspicious month in the Hindu calendar, when the day has its own significance. In Shravan, almost every day is a festival, and temples are very busy with various religious activities during this month.

Shri Radha Krishna Mandir, ever since Shravan month started, has hosted several special pujas and celebrated numerous festivals with devotees attending the temple in large numbers.

Friday, July 24, the temple celebrated Nag Panchami, Saturday, July 25, Bhajan Sandhya- a way to chant and meditate for Lord Mahadev singing his glories. On Sunday. July 26, the temple held its Samuhik Shiv Pooja, which was participated by hundreds of devotees throughout the day. 

Chaturlingatobhadramandal at Radha Krishna Temple, Auckland

Devotees were enchanted to see a replica of Amarnath Ling and Chaturlingatobhadramandal. Chaturlingatobhadramandal is Lord Sadashiv’s beloved yantra consisting of 17 rows and columns having four lings on each corner made by three coloured borders, red representing Brahma, black colour Lord Sadashiv and white representing Lord Vishnu. In each row and column resides Lord Shiv’s Gan (group), Ma Parvati family and Nandi. 

“We were also blessed to have Lord Krishna, from Bhartiya Mandir giving us darshan at our very own temple. It was warm meeting Acharya Shri Upendrabhai Joshi and many devotees on their bus yatra,” devotee at the temple Bhavana Patel said. 

On Monday, July 27, the temple celebrated Shitla Saptami, Shitlamata’s staphna and the pooja was conducted after that ladies came to seek her blessings and made offerings of various food items. 

Tuesday, July 28, was Nakul Navmi, Noli Nem. Noli is taken from the word Nevla or Mongoose, and Nom means Navam or ninth. Like every year, Noliyo (Mongoose) is made out of Jowar (Sorghum) flour by Naniben Magan, who has been doing this for many years. Women fasted on this day and came to worship, offering different grains and rotis made out of Jowar to the temple. 

There is enormous energy amongst devotees and every festival Radha Krishna temple celebrated, which has been well attended by devotees throughout the month. 

In the upcoming days, Saturday, August 1, the temple will observe bhajan Sandhya; Sunday, August 2, the temple will have Samuhik Satyanaran Katha where anyone can partake. On Tuesday, August 11, devotees will observe one of the biggest celebrations of the year, Shri Krishna Janmasthami, the celebrations will start with bhajans by the Pushpanjali group and Shri Jalaram Samithi, and there will be a Maha Aarti at midnight followed by Mahaprasad.

“Our Hindola festival is still going on how gop and gopis used to rock Krishna on a decorated swing, likewise we urge devotees to experience the divine joy of rocking Krishna on a small swing, This is another reason to visit the temple to have a little play with baby Krishna who is brought out especially only for Hindola,” Mr Patel said. 

Each week of the month of Shravan, the Hindola is decorated in a different material (mirrors, flowers, colours, etc.). This again is a delight to watch the creativity of different devotees.

For any enquiries regarding various activities during the month, devotees can reach out to Acharya Shri Dr, Devrambhai Raval on 09 3794463.