After a gap of several months since the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns in the country, Auckland Malayali Samajam is the first Indian community organisation to host an event for the children of the community.

‘Kalolsavam 2020’ children’s art festival was held on Saturday, July 4 at Blockhouse Bay Community Centre that was attended by over two hundred members from the Malayali and other communities, including 65 performers showcasing the talents of children not just limited to music and classical dance.

Classical dance, classical music, cinematic dance, film song, fancy dress, speech, story writing, painting, drawing and poetry writing were a few among competition items that were divided into sub-junior, junior and senior categories for the children.

A rare but interesting contest held at the event for children was the ‘Smiling contest’ which surprisingly was also the highlight of the event.

“Auckland Malayali Samajam always encouraged young talents, and we firmly believe the relevance of art in building up confidence in children,” president of Auckland Malayali Samajam, Yeldos Varghese told the Indian Weekender.

Mr Verghese added that the attendance to the event was relatively huge given people had just come out of the large gathering restriction due to Covid and that it had enthusiastic participation by both performers and visitors.

Secretary Abin Mathew said that this event was unique and perhaps, might be the only children’s art festival that is conducted in Auckland featuring 18 competition categories and including children from over two years old to 16-year-olds.

Arts coordinator Dr Mary Smitha said it is interesting to see how art brings happiness and positivity in our lives and the joy of participation was quite evident amongst dancers, singers, artists of several talents at the event.

“It was quite a happy day, and we as a team are thrilled with the success of the program,” Vice President of AMS Sunny Mathew said.