The Ministry of Health announced zero new cases in New Zealand today.

There was no media stand up held and a media statement was released by MoH today. 

The total active cases in New Zealand remained 22 and total confirmed cases remain 1178. 

Yesterday, two cases were confirmed in New Zealand, first, a man in his 50s travelled from India and the other woman in her 20s travelled from USA whose husband was reported having Covid-19 last week. She was already in quarantine as she was considered a close contact of the case. 

The European Union today declared a list of "safe" countries - among them New Zealand - whose citizens would be allowed to enter from tomorrow.

However, Foreign Minister Winston Peters said New Zealanders who decided to take up the opportunity for a European holiday should pay for their two weeks' hotel quarantine when they returned.

"If you can afford to take a holiday, and given the state of our economy and the enormous international damage that Covid-19 has caused to every economy including our own, I don't think it's too much to expect you to pay for your own quarantine when you get back."