The Urdu Hindi Cultural Association of New Zealand will host its annual All New Zealand Kavi Sammelan event on November 21 this year at Fickling Community Centre, in Three Kings. 

The annual event, the planning of which was kept on hold earlier this year due to Covid-19, was postponed from an earlier date to November 21 at the Association’s pre-event meeting this month. 

The annual event is one of a kind in New Zealand and presents Mushaira, Kavi and Ghazal, all at one platform delivered by poetry lovers from different countries in Hindi and Urdu language for the audience. 

Speaking to the Indian Weekender, Secretary and spokesperson for UHCANZ, Mujeeb Syed said the date was planned and announced after much deliberation within the team and anticipation for the community members. 

Sharing the details from the pre-event meeting, Mr Syed said that the team is excited about the annual event once again now that New Zealand has relatively settled into the post-Covid life and planning and execution of every small part of the event has been assigned to the team members to make sure event goes smoothly. 

“We have assigned tasks within the team for media coverage, timekeeping, finalising performers, the content of the deliveries, invitation to the guests, and funding applications etc.,” Mr Mujeeb Syed told The Indian Weekender. 

UHCANZ will also release its annual magazine, ‘Dhanak’ on the occasion that will present the profile of the performers, about the Association and its work and messages from the dignitaries. 

One of UHCANZ’s new mission this year is to identify new literary talents, support, mentor and introduce them to the community. 

President of UHCANZ Roopa Suchdev has encouraged community members with the talent for poems, ghazal and Shayari to contact UHCANZ or register themselves to participate in the event. 

“Two top poets in each language will have the opportunity to recite in front of world-renowned poets and live audience during the All-New Zealand Mushaira, Kavi Sammelan and Ghazal Night on November 21,” Ms Roopa Suchdev said. 

Interested people can contact UHCANZ:

Urdu poems and ghazals: Dr M Taimoori 0275005151

Hindi Kavita, and Punjabi lyrics Roopa Suchdev QSM 021665609