The office of the Indian High Commission has released a new advisory around flight fares and booking process for Vande Bharat mission flights scheduled to take stranded Indian citizens back home. 

The much-awaited news will bring huge certainty and relief for around three thousand Indian citizens stranded in New Zealand. 

This was announced by a new advisory released by the office of the Indian High Commission on social media short while ago. 

According to press release each passenger economy class ticket is priced at NZ $2478 where as each Business class ticket is priced at NZ $5416.

Flight capacity dramatically reduced to half

The advisory had revealed that the flight capacity has been reduced from the previously announced 225 seats to almost half. 

"Though the High Commission had on June 1, recommended accommodation of up to 230 people on the first flight, in view of Hon’ble Bombay High Court’s order to keep the middle seat vacant, now only 130 passengers in economy class, 20 in Business Class and 6 in First Class can be accommodated. High Commission of India will endeavour to accommodate remaining passengers in subsequent Vande Bharat Flights subject to seat availability," the media advisory said. 

All tickets for June 7 flight to be purchased by 12.00 hours tomorrow

As previously indicated prospective travellers have been given only 24 hours to arrange for money to purchase the ticket.

"Air India has today sent out emails to the selected passengers to purchase tickets by 1200 hours tomorrow. If any seats remain vacant at 1200 hrs tomorrow, the same will be offered to those next in priority," the advisory said.