Dr Ashley Bloomfield announced one Covid-19 related death that makes NZ's Covid death toll to 22. 

There are no new cases reported in the last 24 hours. The number confirmed cases remain 1154, 350 probable and NZ's total Covid-19 cases remained 1504. 

Eileen Hunter, 96, was earlier confirmed a Covid-19 pateint from St Margaret's Resthome in Auckland in April. She recovered from her illness from the hospital and had tested negative twice since.

Dr Bloomfield said the death toll now included Eileen Hunter, a resident of St Margaret's rest home who died on Sunday and whose family believed had died of Covid-19, despite her having been considered recovered.

"It's important to note that Eileen was regarded to having recovered from Covid-19 at the time of her death, and Covid-19 is not recorded as the primary cause of her death on her death certificate.

"However, after consideration, we have decided to include Eileen's death in our overall tally of Covid-19-related deaths, consistent with our inclusive approach to date, so we havea good idea of the full impact of this condition on our health and wellbeing in New Zealand." Dr Bloomfield said. 

12 people have recovered in the last 24 hours which makes total recoveries in New Zealand to 1476.

The are only eight active cases in the country now. The number of active cases in New Zealand has dropped below 20, first time since the lockdown.