The National Party caucus has elected Todd Muller as the Party's new Leader as the outgoing Leader Simon Bridges goes down fighting tenaciously.

According to reports emerging from National Party's caucus hui currently undergoing in parliament premises, and as reported by Newshub, the challenger Todd Muller have successfully led a coup against the former Leader Simon Bridges. 

Nikki Kaye has been elected as the deputy of new Leader Todd Muller 

Many political commentators in the know of the mood within the National Party caucus have opined that Simon Bridges was firmly placed ahead till Thursday afternoon, with the tide only tilting from the late evening after the poll result of TV 1/Colmar Brunton poll came out showing National still languishing at 29 per cent. 

Tod Muller is 51 years old former top honcho from Fonterra and Zespri, current MP from Bay of Plenty. 

Now that Simon is out, his gut feeling in politics has been questioned

Now that Simon bridges is effectively out from the Leadership position more political commentators including many former National Party's MPs have questioned his "gut-feeling" and political-judgement. 

Former National Party MP Jonathan Coleman commented that Simon Bridges had actually said many good things during Covid-19 pandemic, but he has been aggressive and scrappy, and now was not the time for that. 

Although his tenacity and fighting spirit are being lauded. 

More details awaited