There are ten in hospital around the country and one in ICU at Wellington Regional Hospital, Bloomfield said.

Dr Bloomfield said yesterday was highest single day of testing at 3631, bringing total tests to 33,116. There is now testing capacity for 6000 per day.

He said the number of new cases appears to be levelling off now.

There remains a strong link to to overseas travel, but 17 percent of cases are still being investigated for community transmission, he said.

The three biggest clusters are Marist College in Auckland with 60 cases, Bluff with 55 cases and Matamata with 54 cases.

Fever is no longer a requirement to be tested for Covid-19, testing is now available for people with respiratory problems, regardless of contact with overseas travel.

New Zealand is now in its ninth day of Level 4 alert which is a full lockdown that will last for at least four weeks, with only essential services operating.

The government is encouraging people to stay at home and if they do go out for exercise or to shop to keep their distance from others.

Credit: RNZ