While our alarmed communities continue to receive every news of a dramatic increase in the numbers of confirmed and probable cases every day, it is also equally important to keep an eye on the positive news of 27 people recovering from the Covid 19.

Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said there were 73 confirmed cases and five probable cases reported this morning, but 27 people had now recovered from the infection.

While the danger of coronavirus spread epidemic remains real and high, it is also important to focus on positive recovery news so that members of the public who are hunkered down inside their homes in this complete lockdown period also get a feed of positive news.

Seven people are now in hospital - three in Wellington, two in Nelson, one in Waikato and one in Northland - but none of them are in intensive care.

Dr Bloomfield said 2417 tests were processed yesterday. The total number of tests is 12,683.

Pharmacists will have to limit all funded drugs to one month's supply, or three months supply for oral contraceptives, Dr Bloomfield said.