Kiwi Indian singer Arjun Bhat aka theajsound is on a roll after making a number of music videos earlier and now has released his solo single 'ANYMORE.' on various music platforms.

Performing with the big names in the community such as Shirley Setia, Kanik Mongia and Avish Sharma, the artiste has now graduated to make his own debut as a talent to watch out for in 2020. 'theajsound' quickly topped YouTube fame when his cover with Shirley Setia hit more than 11 million views from around the world drawing thousands of new fans to his name.

After moving to New Zealand at the age of nine, Arjun played cricket growing up and loved to sing as his hobby. He studied Computer Science and Information Systems and worked as a developer for eight years before taking up music as his next parallel venture.

The Mumbai born passionate popstar, cricketer and IT Developer eyes to become a full-time musician-singer making music videos and performing for millions on music tours.

In conversation with The Indian Weekender, Arjun aka 'theajsound' narrates his dream of pursuing music from his childhood, his struggles and challenges to break the ice and what music means to his life.

IWK: When did you start getting interested in making music, and what was the turning point for you?

theajsound: Back in 2012, I was in a relationship with a pianist, and it was her family who encouraged me to play until I did my first performance for our families in the lounge. I was so nervous, but it was exhilarating – and I knew deep down this is what I should be doing!

I went on to do covers with the likes of Shirley Setia, Kanik Mongia and Avish Sharma, who were doing Bollywood songs at the time. Eventually, I started working on my own covers in English pop music.

IWK: How was working with Shirley Setia?

theajsound: Amazing. We've been friends for years and are still so close. We're continually sharing our struggles with making it big out there.

It's all about finding people you resonate with and can grow with. She's helped with my growth a ton, and I'm grateful to her for that! I'd love to say she feels the same, but you'll have to ask her that. ?

IWK: What made you pursue this singing and music?

theajsound: Losing the love of my life just kicked things into motion for me to make this into a career. I don't think it's just talent – I think anyone can do it! For me, it's been hours of work and grinding day and night. I devoted hours and days on my guitar practicing, singing and many sleepless nights to improve and perfect my craft.

I did about three years of vocal coaching. One year focused on the rock genre, with RvR. Then went on to learn from a lovely lady who did theatrical and operatic vocal coaching with me for two years.

IWK: What kind of music do you play/sing/write?

theajsound: My taste and style of music are ever-evolving. At the moment, I'm writing mainly pop music, but I don't limit myself by genre.

I started by playing a lot of acoustic covers of artists my dad likes! Such as Neil Diamond, Guns n Roses, Metallica and so on.

It then progressed to Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Jason Mraz. As of late, I've been leaning towards the more hip "pop" music like Post Malone and Ali Gatie. 

IWK: What are your aspirations long term?

theajsound: I want to perfect my music, something that inspires the audience. I dream of going on a world tour someday, become the biggest pop singer/songwriter in the world. I want to see my music on No. 1 position on the billboard charts and Spotify.

IWK: Tell us briefly about your new single 'ANYMORE.'?

theajsound: ANYMORE. is my debut single that follow his emotional journey after a painful heartbreak. ANYMORE., to me, describes that moment after a breakup where you just can't seem to forget about each other, I still can't get her out of my head.