Auckland Tamil Association, the community organisation for the Tamil speaking Kiwis living in Auckland, is inviting the community to join the Summer Family Camp scheduled to be hosted from Friday, March 6 to Sunday, March 8.

The two-nights and two-days summer camp will be held at Karanga Camp on Te Henga Road in Swanson, West Auckland where people for all ages can participate.

“This family trip is organised for everyone to meet and interact with each other and the camp will include fun activities that will engage the entire family,” president of Auckland Tamil Association, Vai Ravindran said.

The organisers are charging a nominal amount of $35 per adult and $25 for children to cover necessary expenses and organise different activities in the camp.

“The nominal amount as fee includes accommodation and food for the participants for the duration of the camp,” Mr Vai added.

The organisers have encouraged families to participate in this first of its kind summer camp for families so that they can have a good family picnic outdoor and also get an opportunity to meet new members of the community.

“We have seen summer camps for children and some for senior citizens and also some one-day outing for families, but this summer camp is different because families can go this outing or picnic not just for one-half day but stay outdoor for two nights and days and have a sleepover away from home,” Mr Ravindran said.

“This kind of event gives the families to gel more when outdoor, mix and mingle with other members of the community, play, walk, work, and do activities together outdoor and get to know their families and friends a little better.”

The organisers have asked the participants to bring sleeping bags (sheets or duvet), pillow for night accommodation, shoes for indoor and outdoor activities, personal toiletries (toothbrush, paste, soap etc.), towel, hat, water bottle, medicines if required, insect repellent, sunscreen lotion etc. The accommodation by organisers has bunk beds with mattresses and heaters arranged for the participants.

The activities during the summer camp include the bush walk, games at the beach, discussions on several subjects and topics, team-building exercises, quiz, entertainment etc.

The camping will start at 6 p.m. on Friday, March 6 and end after brunch (11 a.m.) on Sunday, March 8. Interested community members can register by contacting the executive committee members of ATA.