Kiwi Indian resident in Rotorua is on a mission that is driven by his passion for the city that he admires the most, and he is running unabated to put Rotorua on the global tourism map. 

The man with a bright smile has taken to the streets of Rotorua city with a light, easy-to-carry life-size photo frame that reads 'I LOVE Rotorua'. 

Vishal's goal is to go around the city with the photo frame in his small, convertible BMW and get people to take a photo with his photo frame that will be published on his Vishal’sRotoruaCoffeeTableBook Facebook page and rotoruacoffeetablebook- Instagram profile. 

People clicking photos with the frame are encouraged to make gold coin donation with all proceeds going to Waiariki Women's Refuge in Rotorua.

Vishal's car sports 'I love Rotorua Photo Frame' poster that he says will stand out when he is out on the streets and will draw tourists and shoppers to take a picture with the photo frame.

Vishal launched his 'I love Rotorua' campaign earlier in January and aims to promote Rotorua on digital and social media platforms.

To go a step further with this promotion, Vishal will post all photos on social media platforms, and the person's picture with the most likes will be rewarded with prizes such as vouchers from different activities around the town.

Earlier in 2019, Vishal had penned his coffee table book 'Places of Pride Rotorua Rotovegas of New Zealand' which he started writing in 2016 and earlier in January he launched the new version of the same book with an additional seven pages of content and photos. 

The book is divided into several chapters with each focusing on different aspects of Rotorua such as the hospitality of the city, tourism, lifestyle, places of interest, historical importance, natural resources, adventure etc.

According to the NZ Herald, the seven extra pages include information on Tania Tapsell, Tamati Coffey, Mercia Dawn Yates and Miss Rotorua.

"I am very passionate about this great city, Rotorua, it is one of the best places on earth," Vishal says.

Vishal is encouraging shoppers, tourists and people in the city to watch out for his advertised car and the special photo frame and express their love for Rotorua city by taking a photo and posting it on their social media as well.

Vishal is also planning a third version of his coffee table book which will be titled Places of Pride Rotorua - Geothermal City of Lakes, Culture and Spa.