Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust that works round the year offering different services to the senior members of the South Asian community is once again bringing its annual summer camp in January 2020.

The Children Wing of Bhartiya Samaj has opened the enrollment for the 18th Annual Summer Camp that will take place from Monday, January 13 till Friday, January 17 at its premises in Mt Roskill.

Children from the age of six to 14 can get their name enrolled for this program that extends to five days and has over 100 children participating from different parts of the city.

“This camp provides an avenue for the children not just to learn some new skills but also make friends, have fun activities, dance, exercise and yoga activities etc.,” Roopa Suchdev, the Education Chairperson for Bhartiya Samaj told The Indian Weekender.

The five days at the Summer Camp are aimed at enrichment of young minds through our various educational and fun activities/workshops related to sports, life enrichment skills, fitness, music, dance, creative craft, drama, yoga, motivational and communication Skill sessions, developmental games and a full day outing.

“We focus on imparting skills like personality development, leadership, community involvement and understanding of multiple cultures/ethnicity at an early age,” Ms Suchdev added.

For the entire five days Bhartiya Samaj’s volunteer teachers, trainers and coaches will come in at various times to devote their skills and knowledge for nurturing the young minds.

In the last few years, the Trust has received an overwhelming number of enrollments that at one point they had to politely decline applications as they reached the cap for maximum students.

“We encourage our community members to spread the word so that we get children from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds to participate and get new faces to the camp,” Ms Suchdev added.

The camps in the past have been incredibly successful with different government bodies participating and hosting different sessions around safety at the house, school, public places, around water and fire etc. The enrolled students also participate in a spelling contest, quiz, recitation, drawing, painting, crafts etc.

Interested parents can contact Educational Chairperson of the Summer Camp on 021665609 or email OR can also contact Ruchika Agarwal on 02108881461, email The camps will start at 8 a.m. and end at 5 p.m.