Kashika Lal had a thrill for dancing for the very age of four and has been pursuing her passion for the last two years that earned her a ‘Class Award’ from Royal Academy of Dance in Auckland.

Proud parents of Kashika say they cannot be happier seeing the six-year-old girl earning such a prestigious award after clearing her Ballet dance exams (Pre-Primary in Dance) earlier this year, the medal and certificate of which just arrived last week, all the way from the United Kingdom.

The Royal Academy of Dance, which was established in the UK in 1920, is one of the largest and most influential dance education organisations in the world. Ballet is one of the highly technical forms of dance with its own vocabulary based on French terminology.

Kashika is the eldest of two daughters and started dancing and imitating dance seeing the TV videos right from the very beginning.

“We had a Ballet school next to our home in Auckland, and Kashika would say, she would be fascinated to see the Ballet dancers’ dresses and sometimes would also see the Ballet dancers perform that ignited a fire in her to dance as well,” Kashika’s father Neelesh Lal told The Indian Weekender. 

Seeing her enthusiasm for dance, the parents enrolled her in the next-door Ballet School, Royal Academy of Dance at the age of four and she has been learning Ballet ever since.

“Kashika has been learning and training in Ballet every week for the last two years,” Mr Lal added.

The annual exam was held at Hawkins Entertainment Theatre in August this year, and Kashika passed the test with distinction in her age category (Junior, up to Year 2) and earlier this week, she received the Class Award medal and the certificate.