Aspiring Kiwi Indian actor, model, fitness enthusiast, and IT professional Pratik Patel has won big at Mr India 2019 World Manhunt competition in New Delhi, India earlier this month.

Pratik, who considers himself a humble and talented young Kiwi Indian worked hard for months this year preparing for this competition which was announced by Skywalk Productions earlier this year.

Pratik came from India 12-years back as a student of IT and eventually progressed finding a good job in his field of study and established himself in New Zealand. With his passion for acting, Pratik felt Mr India 2019 World Manhunt title will give him a bigger platform to help people in the space of health and mental wellbeing.

“I decided to compete because I had passion for Acting and wanted to follow my purpose of helping others in the area of health and mental well being so I believed the platform of Mr India will aid me with both," Pratik told The Indian Weekender. 

Mr India 2019 World Manhunt competition came his way which was due to be held in India this year.

With a lot of initial preparation, that included dance classes by Anish Patel preparing a monologue in Hindi, acting etc. Pratik gave the first round of audition in June that impressed the judges and was informed a week later that he had been selected for the final round in November.

“I prepared a performance- storytelling via dance that combined both acting and dance, which won judges’ heart, they said I have an acting spark in me and need to polish my Hindi.

“A week later I got a call that I have been selected for the finale in November,” Pratik told added

The road to the finale was a tougher one, which meant preparing much more rigorously competing against 100 participants from India. Pratik geared up with whatever he could muster in New Zealand to prepare himself for the final battle which was just months away.

Already a fitness enthusiast, Pratik was miles ahead in shape, he had to polish his dancing skills, posture, ramp walk, Hindi monologue and boost his confidence.

“I have been working out for the last seven and half years, have learnt and practised Muay Thai (martial arts) for a year and a half, learnt meditation, started Krav Maga (military self-defence and fighting system) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in August this year,” Pratik added.

To upgrade his ramp and stage skills, Pratik contacted Kiwi Indian model, actor, TV host and fashionista Colin Mathura-Jeffree, who looking at Pratik’s skills and enthusiasm agreed to help him polish his skills.

“Colin helped me embrace my true self- I learnt that my honestly and smile are my biggest strengths, and that is what I implemented in the Q&A round at the finale.

“He also taught me to ramp walk, guided me with my shopping for Mr India portfolio shoot and the competition,” Pratik added.

Pratik took acting lessons from  Kiwi Actor Peter Feeney’s Acting Studio, one of Peter Feeney’s student Sabby Jey, who had experience working in South Indian Cinema and previous NZ pageants helped him with preparing his Hindi Monologues, and dance lessons from Anish Patel from The Disciples hip hop dance duo.

The finale in New Delhi, India had five rounds, namely, introduction, clothing (casual), talent round, formal clothing round and Q&A session.

Pratik won the 1st runner-up Mr India 2019 World Manhunt title and second overall and another contestant from the city of Gwalior, Nitesh Bhardwaj became the winner.

Overwhelmed by this accomplishment, Pratik has received numerous accolades from across two nations, and a documentary is in progress by a group of independent filmmakers, Stonehedge in New Zealand.

Pratik’s journey from being a newbie in the entertainment industry just a few months ago, who not only overcame his issues with anxiety and depression in his early days but also faced his fear and accomplished a national title competing against a hundred aspirants is inspiring.“My next goal is to continue providing free coaching on health and mental wellbeing besides doing my IT work as a Field Engineer,” Pratik added.

Pratik plans to continue his fitness regime and to start soon auditioning for Bollywood and New Zealand projects.

“I cannot forget the skills I developed, improved and learnt under the mentorship of Colin, Peter Feeney, Sabby Jey, Rex Braganza (Fitness trainer), Anish, Sylvia Rands (Voice Coaching) and a big thanks to my family in Navsari and Pune for supporting me through this endeavour,” Pratik added.