Tulsi is a plant considered to be a reincarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and is worshipped daily by the devotees in the Hindu community.

Tulsi Vivah is celebrated on the 11th day after Diwali.

Tulsi Vivah (marriage of Tulsi plant with Lord Vishnu) festival is an important festival in India. On this day, people arrange the marriage of Tulsi plant with Lord Vishnu -- or his avatar Krishna. This festival is celebrated on Prabodhini Ekadashi of Kartik month of Hindu calendar.

The auspicious day of Tulsi Vivah this year is on Saturday, November 9. The muhurat of Tulsi marriage on this entire day is very auspicious and from this day marriage period in the Hindu religion begins. All the rituals of marriage as per Hindu wedding are performed on this day either at home or in a temple to celebrate Tulsi Vivah Festival.

On Tulsi Vivah day, everybody in a Hindu family, mostly women at home fast until this festival is finished. This wedding signifies the end of the evil or inauspicious period of struggle and the beginning of the auspicious phase.

The story behind this custom is unique and very inspiring. A girl named Vrinda used to worship Lord Vishnu and was a true devotee. She got married to a ''Danav'' or demon Jalandhar, and she was a dedicated woman towards her husband.

One day demon Jalandhar was going for war, and like a devoted wife, she worshipped for the protection of her husband's life. She made an intention to perform pooja or worship until her husband came back from the war alive and for his long life. A happy married life is one of the requirements for all-round happiness.

Due to his wife's devotion, the demon Jalandhar became invincible. All the Devas or good spirits could not kill him, and he was becoming powerful, which was not good for the world. Therefore, all the Good Spirits came to ask Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu then appeared as demon Jalandhar in front of Vrinda, and she immediately interrupted her worship which broke her intention.

Due to this, her husband demon Jalandhar got killed, and his head fell off at home. Vrinda then realised that the person in front of her is not her husband. Lord Vishnu then appeared in his true look. Vrinda felt cheated and insulted due to which she immediately cursed Lord Vishnu and turned him into a stone. This stone is commonly known as Shaligram.

Later, everyone requested Vrinda to set Lord Vishnu free from this curse, and she did. But, she burned herself with the head of demon Jalandhar and became Sati (immortal). In that particular place, a plant was grown which was named as Tulsi, a synonym for Vrinda.

As promised by Lord Vishnu to marry her in her next birth, on the Prabodhini Ekadashi stone Shaligram, an avatar of Lord Vishnu and Tulsi plant got married. From that day, onwards Indians celebrate the self-sacrificial and devotional attitude of Tulsi.

Tulsiji never gave up on her faith and belief in herself. Basil Plant'sPlant's great personality and willingness to do a selfless act for others were valued and remembered. 

One should also remember that although Tulsi had a choice to think about herself and her happiness, she wanted to be of help to her husband, and she thought of his good welfare. All this was not waste, Tulsi, the plant with medicinal properties, was recognised, and her sacrifice is honoured in every home even today.

"Shri Radha Krishna Mandir and Bhartiya Mandir have been celebrating this festival for years, it's a great way to have both the temples come together and enjoy the ceremony," the spokesperson from Radha Krishna Temple said.

"It is a wedding to be witnessed which many await all year and is celebrated over few days, starting with an engagement ceremony, visiting each other followed with Mehndi, Haldi, Sangeet and Grah Shanti ceremony which will be celebrated on the same morning.

This year Radha Krishna Mandir is hosting the event being bride's side.

"On this day, we put a sari on the Tulsi plant and clad it with all jewellery or accessories, and dress her up like a bride. A mandap is also created just for the wedding in front of Tulsiji." the spokesperson said.

The groom this year is from Bhartiya Mandir, Lord Vishnu'sVishnu's idol or Shaligram stone or Lord Krishna'sKrishna's image is kept beside her clan in a dhoti to celebrate the Tulsi Vivaah Festival. The entire place will be decorated with flowers and lightning. Hundreds of devotees will come to witness this divine wedding and to seek blessing. The atmosphere created at the wedding is so sacramental with all the priest chanting Vedic mantras, ladies singing wedding songs and it is the wedding where everyone is welcome. 

Shri Radha Krishna Mandir has invited the community to come and seek blessings of Tulsiji and Lord Shaligram.