One of the biggest Diwali events in Auckland, the Waitakere Diwali Mela 2019 ended the daylong event with enticing fireworks that lit up the skies of West Auckland.

The event is being organised for the past 19 years and was held at the Trust Arena, both indoor and outdoor, on Sunday, October 20.

The crux of the event was a line-up of scores of performances- local dancers, and singers from the age four and above who displayed an array of various performances. These performances ranged from different forms of classical Indian dance, hip-hop Bollywood dance, dance from other ethnic groups, fashion show and activities to engage children present at the event.

One of the most fascinating and surprising displays of talent was singing the New Zealand national anthem during the official ceremony by the students of Waitakere Hindi School (South & West Wing) in Maori and English language with live Indian classical music in the background.

This show of talent and fusion of NZ national anthem with live instrumental play such as table, harmonium and sitar in the background was received cheerfully by all followed by thunderous applause from the audience.

Present at the official ceremony was Mayor of Auckland, Phil Goff, members of the Labour and National Party along with the newly elected council members in the recent elections and community leaders.

The stage of the event was set against a massive LED screen with the LED decoration emanating through the sides of the screen denoting a lotus flower.

Activities lined up for the children present at the event were making rangoli designs that not only attracted the youngsters but also the senior citizens and other enthusiastic artists who wanted to showcase their talents, a cricket pitch with nets for young cricket lovers to trying bowling, dance from seniors, youngsters, solo and in groups, and some of the dance performances were dedicated to each traditional forms of dance practiced and performed in India.

Another highlight of the event was a Ram Leela performance in the English language by a group so that the story and message behind Diwali can reach the masses.

As anticipated approximately 20,000 people attended the event on Sunday which occupied a massive section of the Trust Arena, both indoor and outdoor that concluded with the gigantic fireworks that brightened the skies with several colours of sparkles for 15 minutes.

All pictures captured by MnM Studios NZ