A 25-year-old Indian man on an open work visa has died in Wellington. The man was identified as Parminder Singh from Jalandhar city in Punjab, India.

The incident occurred on Monday, October 21, when Mr Singh, dressed in his uniform was leaving for his work at the liquor store around 10 a.m. when he is said to have collapsed outside his residence.

When Mr Singh did not appear at his routine work time, his colleague from work called to check on him, but he did not respond. Mr Singh’s colleague called him again after 30 minutes, and upon receiving no response again, he called his flatmate in the shared accommodation house to check on him who found Mr Singh collapsed outside the house.

Mr Singh’s flatmate called the ambulance and police who upon checking Mr Singh declared him dead.

The post mortem conducted by police concluded ‘heart attack’ as the cause of his death.

“We are saddened by his untimely death,” Mr Singh’s cousin Sandeep Singh told The Indian Weekender.

Mr Singh had some family members who are living in Wellington and Auckland, and they paid for his body repatriation to India.

Mr Singh’s body will be flown on Friday, October 24, to his hometown in Jalandhar, India, where the last rites will be conducted in the presence of his family.

Mr Singh came to New Zealand in 2016 as a student and worked in a fast-food chain in Auckland before moving to Wellington five months ago.

Mr Singh’s cousin Sandeep Singh said that he did not have any of history of illness and his death was sudden and a big blow to his friends and family.