The Wellington Sikh community, on the occasion of his 550th birth anniversary, conducted the Udasi Walk along the walking trail of Hutt River on Saturday, October 19. The initiative was taken to understand and walk in the footsteps in Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Saheb. 

The five-kilometre walk along the picturesque Hutt River near Avalon Drive was followed by a quiz about the Udasis. 

“To commemorate Guru Nanak Sahib’s travels to different parts of the world as part of his four Udasis, from Wellington Sangat did a 5km walk along the Hutt River,” a spokesperson from Wellington Gurudwara said. 

Udasis Walk was a symbolic gesture of walking into the footsteps of Guru Nanak and see life through his perspective living a simple life and detached from the worldly concerns. 

“Despite the weather initially being a bit windy and cold, Sangat made an effort to come to this walk and shared their knowledge about Guru Nanak Sahib.

It was not only an enjoyable nature walk along the beautiful Hutt River but was also a good opportunity to learn about Guru Nanak Sahib’s journeys from fellow Sikhs.

There was an encouraging response to the quiz on Udasis, which generated a further discussion on the other aspects of Guru Sahib’s life. 

The Wellington was established in 1997 and was the southernmost Gurudwara of the world, and it provides education and religious services for the Sikh community in New Zealand.