Migrants all over the globe are now an essential and important part of any Country. 

The restored Parents Immigration Policy announced by the Labour -NZ First – Green Government on October 7,  which will come into effect in February 2020 has totally shunned the importance of the Migrant contribution in New Zealand.

For families to be stable and happy older parents need all of the care and time of their children in the latter part of their lives. This new immigration parent policy announcement does not acknowledge the strength of the feeling of ethnic communities towards their families.

In the last decade, comparative migrant destination countries have been recognising the contributions and importance of migration.

But the government has:

  • Shut down Parent Policy

  • Shut down the Siblings Migration policy

  • Made it hard, if not impossible for Employers to find migrant workers

  • Slowed down Spouses joining their partners.

The Supreme Sikh Council along with 10 other organizations around New Zealand strongly condemn and outrightly reject this Parent Policy which undermines the Human Values and Rights of the migrant communities of New Zealand.

In an economy where $17-70 per hour is the minimum wage rate, how has an hourly rate of more than $100-00 per hour rate been reached as the qualification to get parents settled permanently in New Zealand.

All the Religious and Social Welfare organisations, Sports Organizations and others who stand for the well-being  (a term much used by the Prime Minister) of  Migrant communities Welfare appeal for a united response to this inhumane withdrawal of the Human Right to extend care to the parents of Migrant communities.

More and more we despair as  Labour is no longer Labour and its immigration policies, perhaps because of fear of the anti-immigration policies of New Zealand First in government, seem always to be harmful to ethnic communities.