A new Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Non-Violence has been launched in Auckland.

The announcement was made by Hon Consul of India Bhav Dhillon on Wednesday, October 2, at a commemorative event celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Non-Violence, which will be working in close cooperation with the University of Auckland and other like-minded organisations.

“The Institute will be based in this iconic building of Mahatma Gandhi Centre [Auckland Indian Association],” Mr Dhillon said amidst loud cheering and applause from the members of the community.

Subsequently speaking with The Indian Weekender more about the motives and the purpose of this new Institute Mr Dhillon said, “We all know the universal appeal of Gandhiji’s ideas and principles of truth and non-violence.

“There is an endless appetite for researching and sharing the knowledge around Gandhiji’s unique philosophy and values all around the world.

“The office of the Indian Consulate in Auckland and the Indian High Commission in Wellington have long been in conversation with several like-minded organisations including universities and community organisations, to launch such an institute in Auckland.

“We are glad that now on occasion on 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi we are able to make such an announcement,” Mr Dhillon said.

Explaining further about the purpose, mandate and the organisation of the institute Mr Dhillon said, “It is a work in progress, and more details will be announced in due course of time.”

“It is important to understand that Gandhi is one of rarest of the rare leader and social-change maker, who is becoming increasingly more relevant and not less with the passing of time,”

“There is a huge scope of educating our younger generations about the Gandhian values of equality, empathy and respect to everyone,” Mr Dhillon said.

Mr Dhillon also hinted that the scope of this institute will not be limited in any sense thereby suggesting that the institute will be primarily mandated with generating goodwill around Gandhian ideology and further collaborating with policy, research, and political deliberations.