Auckland Cricket on Tuesday, September 3, invited Waitakere Hindi School to give a lesson of Hindi language to its academy cricketers at Eden Park stadium.

Waitakere Hindi School has gained immense prominence in the last few months with their new branch that opened in South Auckland and demand to start new centres in Hamilton, North Shore and Palmerston North.

“India becoming a prominent trading and sporting partner it is becoming even more vital that we teach the Hindi Language to Kiwis so that we all have a better understanding and ability to have conversational Hindi with India,” says Saten Sharma, president of Waitakere Hindi School, Auckland.

Waitakere School- West Wing’s teacher Vijay Sharma hosted a casual Hindi language lessons with the young cricketers at the Eden Park stadium meeting room. 

The session focussed more on conversational Hindi, understanding key words of Hindi language and some basic Hindi words that are used while playing and on grounds.

“It was a fantastic opportunity that Waitakere Hindi School and we were happy to provide a quick lesson to the cricketers that they can follow when and while playing with Indian players and team members,” Mr Sharma added.

The players insisted on being taught the cricket terminologies in Hindi so that they can have a better understanding when Hindi speaking players talk about what they are doing- within the team or with opponents.

“This is a great opportunity for our young players if they want to play in India as they will have to understate of Hindi language and also know the cricket terminologies,” teacher Vijay Sharma said.

Mr Sharma further added that the players were fascinated and very excited that now they will now be able to understand and speak new Hindi words on the ground.

“Now they will understand some of the sledging and language used in the park,” Mr Sharma said.

Saten Sharma added that teaching the Hindi language to Kiwi Indian children born and brought up here in New Zealand is vital as it inculcates the cultural ethos in them, keeps the language alive for generations so that their heritage and language does not become foreign and extinct for them.