The family of Mohammad Omar Faruk, who was one of the 51 victims died in Christchurch mosque shooting on March 15, has named his new-born baby after him and the mosque where he died.

The family has named the daughter Noor-e-Omar, the name Omar taken after the baby's father's middle name and Noor, after the mosque Al Noor where he was shot in the massacre.

36-year-old Mohammad Omar Faruk's wife Sanjida Jaman Neha, 20, was four months pregnant with their first child when the incident happened and was in Bangladesh.

A special report by NZ Herald earlier last week revealed that the victim's widow had brought the new life into this world and has named the baby in memory of her father, the one she will never see and the place he died.

A PhD student at the University of Canterbury had taken in pregnant Sanjida Neha and another Bangladeshi widow after the tragedy.

Mohammad Omar Faruk (Image: Facebook)

"Neha remained very upset throughout her delivery time and kept on crying for Omar," the PhD student told NZ Herald.

Mohammad Omar Faruk came to New Zealand in 2015 and worked as a welder in Christchurch. He married his wife Sanjida Jaman Neha on December 29, 2017, and last visited his hometown in late 2018 returning to the country in January 2019.

NZ Herald reported that Mohammad Omar spoke to his wife Neha in the early hours of Friday, March 15, (late night in Bangladesh as it is six hours behind) and had asked his anxious wife to take rest.

On Friday, March 15 afternoon, Mohammad Omar went to Al Noor mosque, a place he was not so frequent due to his clashing work hours, but it was reported that he was excited to make the congregational Friday prayers with his mates.

Mohammad Faruk arrived at Al Noor mosque at 1:30 p.m. and was with his mates at the mosque when the shooting started.

He and his friends tried to escape, and Mohammad Omar was shot in the back.

NZ Herald reported that his friend Motasim Billa suffered a wound in the thigh and had a close shave with the bullets as one entered through his t-shirt missing his body.

Another friend Hasan Rubel failed to escape the mosque hall and was shot in the stomach and legs- he spent six weeks recovering in hospital.

Wedding photo of Mohammad Omar Faruk and Sanjida Jaman Neha (Image Source: Google)

It took more than 24 hours since the shooting for the information about her husband to reach her. She was delivered the news the next afternoon that her husband Mohammad Omar Faruk succumbed to bullet shot and had died on the spot.

Following the attacks, Neha flew from Bangladesh to recollect the last moments of her husband's life and see his mortal remains.

NZ Herald reported that widow Sanjida Neha wants to stay in New Zealand and raise her child here.

This article was first published by NZ Herald and has been rewritten to be published by The Indian Weekender.