The Indian community of Wellington along with the community leaders and the newly appointed High Commissioner of India in New Zealand Muktesh Pardeshi came together at Bharat Bhavan on Thursday, August 15, to celebrate the Indian Independence Day.

The event commenced with the traditional flag hoisting ceremony followed by chants of Vande Mataram and speeches by Mr. Pardeshi on India’s 73rd Independence and what it means to the community.

Mr. Pardeshi also acknowledged the hard work of the Indian community living in New Zealand and for keeping the spirit of India alive amongst the extended diaspora here and inculcating the cultural values amongst the Indian children here.

Mr. Pardeshi standing against the background ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan’ rendered his second Independence Day speech and his maiden speech with the Indian community living in Wellington.

Mr. Pardeshi’s address was followed by a cultural performance for young children and speeches by other community leaders expressing their gratitude towards their home country, India.

Mr. Muktesh Pardeshi has been in the country for barely two weeks and was able to meet the diaspora at three different events and was also officially welcomed by the government of New Zealand.

At his address in Auckland earlier last week, Mr. Pardeshi expressed his joy of coming back to New Zealand and this time as a High Commissioner and serving his Indian diaspora in New Zealand.

Mr. Pardeshi served as Chief Passport Officer from 2010 to 2016 and said his tenure of six years in that position gave him an understanding of the issues that Indian diaspora suffer and he will work his best to serve the community while he is here.

Mr. Pardeshi’s speech in Auckland was received with thunderous applause.