Creation Group NZ’s latest show on the hit songs of the yesteryears’ stars Rafi, Kishore and Mukesh have set a new benchmark when it comes to such concerts.

The ambitious annual concert organized by Creation Group NZ with a band of talented singers have performed more than 20 shows in the last decade and are renowned for being the voices of the legends of the 1970s Bollywood music industry.

Adding to the glamour of the music of the show was the stage presence of the performers, the stage decorations and a house full of a nostalgic and enthusiastic crowd who hummed alongside the singers and at times applauded the performances.

The stars Arif Zia singing legend Mohammed Rafi’s songs and Joseph Jose rendering Kishore Kumar’s songs resounded the auditorium as the audience on several occasions asked to sing their songs again.

“Few songs that were demanded to be sung again was the song by Joseph, “Khatoon ki khidmat mein salam apun ka,” Arif Zia said.

The energy of the singers performing was applauded by the audience saying it added to the tempo of the show making it more pumped up.

“The energy in the singers was amazing – it was as if we were listening to the original tracks and some songs were even livelier than what we have been hearing,” said one of the audience members at the end of the show.

Singer Viraj rendered Mukesh’s voice; Arpita, Rini, Guncha, and Srishaa sang duet songs showcasing the voices of Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosale and other legendary singers of the time.

Guests present to attend the event were National List MP Kanwaljit Bakshi, Jeet Suchdev and Roopa Suchdev from Bhartiya Samaj, community leader Sunny Kaushal. The guests inaugurated the show by lighting the lamp and commended the organizers for keeping the fire of the old and legendary songs of Bollywood alive for the diaspora in New Zealand.

Organizer and singer Arif Zia sang the patriotic song “mere desh premiyon apas mein prem karo” referring to upcoming India’s independence day on August 15.

The song to get most applause was hit duet of Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha ‘Dostana Hamara’ from the 1980 film Dostana.

This was the third show of ‘Rafi-Kishore-Mukesh’ that received house full booking and was a massive success.

“The response from the show was stupendous and overwhelming.

“We were told that we have raised the bar in bringing this type of show for the audience and this is something we will always cherish and celebrate,” Arif Zia from Creation NZ said.