The mother-son duo who were stabbed multiple times on June 19, 2018 robbery at their Grey Lynn robbery have narrated their violent ordeal and the aftermath.

Mother-son duo Gita Patel and Siddhartha were at their Hylite Dairy in Grey Lynn were attacked by a man armed with a knife around 7:15 p.m. last year 'unprovoked'.

It is the Crown's case that Ngatama Kaienua, 28, was the lookout while a teenager - who is before the Youth Court - entered the store with a large kitchen knife, NZ Herald reported.

The Otahuhu man has pleaded not guilty to the charges of aggravated wounding and assault with the intent to rob and is on trial at the Auckland High Court.

Narrating the ordeal, Mrs Patel said she was in the kitchen located at the back of the dairy store when she heard her son's loud screaming from the front of the store.

The family had owned and run the dairy store for the last 15 years.

"I saw a man very, very close to my son. I ran towards them, but I fell on the way," NZ Herald reported.

Mrs Patel said that she got up and ran towards her son but fell again and hurt her shoulder. And when she tried to stop the attacker from stabbing her son, the offender turned the knife on her.

"I remember that I had fallen, but I don't really remember what time he stabbed me ... I found out about it the next day when the doctors told me," she said.

Speaking to The Indian Weekender last year, Kaustab Roy, Duty Manager of next-door liquor store Grey Lynn Fine Wine and Spirits said, "I saw the lady had multiple wounds, but she was screaming frantically for an ambulance as her son was badly injured and bleeding heavily."

Blood on the floor after a violent robbery at a dairy in Grey Lynn. Photo- Supplied via Police

A family friend of the Patels, Ronak Lodhia, who had been in the kitchen with Mrs Patel chased the attacker out of the dairy store.

"That's when I saw he had a knife in his hand and [there was] blood. My aunty was screaming at the back, so I didn't pay attention to him; I just went inside quickly to help her," NZ Herald reported.

Mr Lodhia added that it wasn't until he went back into the dairy store that he realised the gravity of the injury Siddhartha suffered.

Mr Lodhia saw Siddhartha bleeding profusely when he lifted his t-shirt, his t-shirt and trousers were covered in blood and he pressed the t-shirt against the would to prevent excessive bleeding.

It is reported that Siddhartha was stabbed six times, his diaphragm was pierced, colon punctured and lungs collapsed.

NZ Herald reported that the prosecution said Mr Kaienua did not hold the knife, he knowingly and intentionally aided, abetted or incited the co-accused to carry out the diary robbery.

Mr Kaienua maintained that he had no knowledge that the teenager carried a knife with him that night and he was never a part of the robbery.

Earlier this week, the court watched a police interview with Detective Mike Lawry, recorded six days after the stabbing, in which Mr Kaienua repeatedly denied any involvement and told an officer he had thousands of dollars in his bank account so did not need to rob a dairy, NZ Herald reported.

The judge-alone trial before Justice Gault is set down for one week.