If you are a Kiwi-Indian and were rooting for the Indian cricket team against Black Caps in the classic semi-final contest on Wednesday, then it is okay to be disappointed with India’s loss.

However, now is the time for the Kiwi Indian fans to overcome their disappointment and start cheering for the Black Caps.

The divided loyalties amongst one’s favourite sporting teams from different nations are an unavoidable reality in the lives of migrant communities.

They are called upon, more often than others, to readjust their loyalties, notably when the two teams they can potentially support, end up playing against each other.

So let’s be unapologetic about it.

In the epic contest of holding nerves and responding to pressures of playing on the big stage of world cup semi-finals, on Wednesday, July 10, the better of the two, the Blackcaps have won against India and moved on to the finals to be played at Lords.

There is no mincing of words in acknowledging and appreciating Kane Williamson’s tactful leadership, Ross Taylor’s subtle greatness, smiling assassin in Trent Boult, and the Man of the Match Matt Henry’s mind-blowing efforts, on the cricket field.

Their superheroic efforts on the field were followed by equally stunning graceful embrace of their opponents with whom they had a fierce cricketing contest in the field.

Well, those who know cricket and follow it religiously would know that that is the essential identity of Black Caps – the thorough gentlemen.

In fact, for a vast number of Kiwi-Indian cricket fans who have recently migrated to this country, Black Caps are perennially remembered in their collective consciousness as the most decent, polite, humble and friendly sporting team.

Although, these high compliments for the team is not in any way an indictment on the type of cricket that they play on the ground.

On the contrary, Kiwis play their cricket with much passion, vigour, aggression on the field, albeit tempered by their perennial “Kiwi relaxed smiling attitude.”

That explains Trent Boult’s call for revenge against their Trans-Tasman rival and cricketing giant Australia for the drubbing that they received in the finals of 2015 World Cup finals at Sydney Cricket Ground.

So let’s shift our collective mental state from disappointment to being cheerful and being supportive of their passion in cricketing rivalries that matter to them most.

How about wishing for them that first their desire to play against Australia at Lords gets fulfilled, and then they get the chance to kick ass, and bring the world cup home.

By the way, readjusting our temporarily disoriented state of mind, if we have secretly wished to see World Cup coming home, then it has to come here in this remotely based paradise called New Zealand that we now call as home, rather than anywhere else.

Feels like eureka, on this new realisation!

So let’s rock and cheer for the Black Caps.

Go Black Caps go!