A new migrant community trust has been launched in Auckland that aims to provide support and assistance to migrant professionals striving to succeed in their careers in a new country.

Migrant Careers Support Trust is a non-profit community trust that is on a mission to achieve social equity, inclusion and social cohesion by better economic integration of migrant workers from different ethnic communities into the New Zealand society.

MCST is the brainchild of well-known professional and Director of Media Solutions Kiwi Ltd. Gaurav Gupta, who comes with a range of experiences in the entertainment and corporate industry in both India and New Zealand.

Gaurav Gupta, who is more widely known as Garry, has worked with several A-listed directors and actors in the Bollywood industry in India, and works locally as an ‘Events Manager’ offering professional services to many independent corporate and big entertainment events in New Zealand.

“The idea behind this trust is to provide a platform that gives migrant professionals whether on work visa, residents, citizens or even students to upgrade and update their skills and learn more from industry experts and experienced professionals in any particular sector,” Founder, and Chairperson of Migrant Careers Support Trust, Garry Gupta told The Indian Weekender.

Founder, and Chairperson of Migrant Careers Support Trust, Garry Gupta

“Workplace success is the basis to reduce inequality of income and opportunity which will lead to increased economic wellbeing, and better social cohesion of the communities in New Zealand,” Garry added.

The Trust will strive to help migrant workers and professionals settle into the mainstream economy and workplaces in New Zealand, by providing training, counselling and any other form of support, MCST website reads.

The key objective of MCST is to create opportunities within ethnic communities affected by unemployment and underemployment, address economic inequalities of income by providing a community-led coaching, mentorship and culturally sensitive learning, guidance and training for settlement and success in the NZ workplaces and corporate environment.

The team of Migrant Careers Support Trust include some successful local professionals, including barrister and solicitor and co-founder of Legal Associates law firm Ashima Singh, Corporate Governance Professional from TMF Group, Siddharth Sharma, Registered Financial Adviser from Professional Financial Solutions, Alpana Gupta,  and Leena Pal, an experienced Sales and Marketing professional from the media industry.

“This trust is a mission, to share the knowledge and experience of all the successful migrant professionals, with the new and upcoming professionals, to help them excel in their field and we are working to grow our team with experts from various fields, who can contribute to this mission,” Garry Gupta adds.

Other goals of the Trust includes removing barriers for ethnic migrants for access to better employment opportunities, help improve the economic wellbeing of migrants that has a direct impact on labour force participation, provide training to existing migrant workers and professionals to excel in their fields etc.

The Trust will conduct different seminars with professionals from various fields to make ethnic people aware of the various job opportunities, career paths, education and training and upskilling opportunities available in New Zealand.

The Trust has its office at Palm Space Office Complex (Suite 7) on Great North Road in Glendene and people are encouraged to connect with the Trust and register themselves for different seminars arranged for them through the website https://www.migrantcareers.org.nz/, or people can also visit their Facebook page for more information.