Scores of children and over a hundred men, and women participated in the International Yoga Day celebrations hosted by Waitakere Hindi School, , on Sunday, June 23 at St. Dominic’s School sports centre in Henderson.

The Waitakere Hindi School based in West Auckland has recently started its South Wing branch earlier last month to teach the Hindi language in South Auckland, after successfully doing in West Auckland for decades.

The institute like many other community organisations hosted the International Day of Yoga celebration last week inviting the broader Kiwi and Fiji Indian community and more importantly involving school children to participate in the yoga event actively.


“Yoga is one of the oldest and purest forms of physical, mental and spiritual exercises, having its birth in India but has a global presence in the past few decades,” Saten Sharma, President of Waitakere School said at the event.

The hour-long event started with the chanting of ‘Hari Om’ followed by breathing exercises, different forms of Asanas.

The convener of the Yoga event instructed the attendees to focus on every aspect of the asanas and yoga exercises and its effects that are felt by the body. Each of the asanas has some benefits that it brings to the vital organs, muscles and bones and has healing powers to the body and mind.

The instructor also encouraged the children to perform yoga and practice in their lives from now as it will help them clear their mind and will also be beneficial for the soul.

Hon Consul of India, Bhav Dhillon speakng at the event (IWK Image) 

The Hon Consul of India, Bhav Dhillon, who was also present at the event, leading from the front by participating in the yoga session, also spoke on the occasion congratulating the school for bringing a huge crowd from the community to attend the yoga day event.

The event concluded with an astonishing display of Shirsasana – one of the most challenging Yoga positions that require the practitioner to stand on the head (or headstand) – performed by a seventy-two year “young” Balwan Singh, a lifelong practitioner of Yoga.

“Bring Yoga to your lives, not just for the body but also for spiritual growth, and inner peace,” Mr Singh shared his wisdom to an overawed audience.