Shri Radha Krishna Temple located in Eden Terrace hosted a five-day celebration with the community called 'Patotsav', a ritual that celebrates the anniversary of the first consecration of the idols.

Temple and idol worship are the fundamental parts of Sanatan Dharma.

Radha Krishna Temple had its idols' consecration 18 years ago by Rameshbhai Oza and Swami Chidanand Sarawatiji from India.

"The day is still fresh in the minds and hearts of our devotees. We relive those memories every year with devotees and members coming together with undiminished enthusiasm and energy of 18 years ago to celebrate the patotsav," a spokesperson from the temple said.

"It was a sure sign of God's blessing after a beautiful sunny day dawned following a ferocious winter's day to celebrate our patotsav in such a grand way. It seemed like the gods had come down to celebrate with us and it was a divine experience," President of Auckland Indian Association Narendra Bhana said.

The celebrations were spread over five days, starting with Deh Shuddhi (purifying the idol) on Wednesday, June 5 and stretched till Saturday, June 8 night, followed by Bhajan Sandhya by Jalaram Samithi.

Sunday, June 9 was an important and the last day of the celebrations which started with the pooja, havan, Bhajans and Dhaja Ropan, concluding it with the Aarti and Maha Prasad.

Acharya Shri Dr.Devrambhai Raval made a lot of effort into decorating sthatpna which had its significance. The temple Chairman Shri Ramesh Bhagwan and the team made sure everything required for the five-day puja was in place.

"The catering committee is the first to arrive and last to leave on any events. We are fortunate to have very dedicated volunteers on the catering committee," Narendra Bhana added.

Pandit Sunil Sharma from the Hanuman Mandir and Chairman of Bhartiya Mandir, Hemant Prashar were also present at the event.