A Kiwi-Indian man living in Rotorua has worked two years on a book dedicated to the city calling it ‘Rotovegas of New Zealand’.

Vishal Sharma, a former media key accounts manager at Rotorua Daily Post and Radio Presenter at Southland Radio, says his love for the city swayed him to write this coffee table book which has a propensity to draw tourism to Rotorua.

Place of Pride Rotorua Rotovegas of New Zealand was launched in a small ceremony earlier this month in Rotorua.

Vishal started writing the book in 2016, but his work got delayed due to his several trips to India in 2017 but was finally completed earlier this year.

The book is divided into several chapters each focusing on different aspects of Rotorua city such as lifestyle, Maori culture, story of Hinemoa, hospitality, tourism, Tutanekia and tips and hacks to go around the city.

Vishal considers Rotorua his home away from his other home, hailing as he does from Chandigarh in India.

Vishal has a background in media and tourism and aimed to promote Rotorua globally through his book.

Although the book has been designed and printed in India, the writing style and the contexts are Kiwi.

“There were people who helped me write this book in a Kiwi way,” Vishal told NZ Herald.

“I am glad to have finally completing this book and making my dream of a writing a book on my lovely city of Rotorua true,” Vishal added.