Rangmanch - the Auckland’s famous theatre group that has delivered numerous plays in the last decade came up with another family-oriented romantic-comedy show - Kuch Kuch Locha Hai - earlier last week that made the audience laugh off their chairs.

Kuch Kuch Locha Hai was able to get a full house booking at The Playhouse Theatre in Glen Eden and was sold out almost two weeks before the show.

The play featured an impressive star cast of renowned local theatre artists Rupal Solanki, actor and president of Rangmanch Chirag Sinh Solanki, their son Siddhraj Solanki, Jayesh Bateriwala, Shweta Divekar, Nirmita Ghosh, Kuntal Basak, Santanu Ghosh, Ryan Ghosh and Tanishk Jain and introduced Swati Sharma.

This is the second show being directed by thespian Rupal Solanki and one of her many as the lead actor in the production.

The story revolves around a small family- a businessman Ashish Mehta played by Jayesh Bateriwala; his wife Dimple played by Rupal Solanki, and their son Lalu who lives a very simple life and shows the love and bond a family has with one another. The story also focusses on the love between the husband-wife and the crisis that develops just before the interval that the family now had to deal with.

Chirag Solanki plays the character of a family doctor called as ‘Kuku’ and who reveals Dimple is suffering from a life-threatening medical condition. This makes Dimple worry about her small loving family and the fear of how her husband would deal with the trauma once she is no more.

The kind-hearted and compassionate Dimple tries to plan ways to ensure her family remains unaffected by the incoming tragedy and also possibly fill the void that would keep her family happy.

Supporting the main characters was Swati Sharma who played the role of Simran Chadha – the glamorous secretary of Ashish Mehta– and a source of concern for Dimple. Swati, along with Rupal and Jayesh holds the central attraction of the ploy and gets the strong support of other characters.

Shweta playing the domestic help, Nirmita -the Bengali neighbour and other characters made the play a ride of laughter.

The audience repeatedly erupted in laughter suggesting a strong story and immaculate performances by artists.

Rangmanch has a rich history of producing shows that have had rave reviews from its audience- be it Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi language plays or comedy, drama and suspense genre- it has never failed to wow its audience.