New Zealand Police has advised mosques all around the country to close their doors to any visitors. They are also requesting communities to stay away from all mosques till the Police is able to give a security clearance. 

"We are still working to resolve this incident and we continue to urge Christchurch resident to stay inside. We ask all mosques nationally to shut their doors, and advise that people refrain from visiting these premises until further notice," a police media release said earlier today. 

Police is responding to a very serious and tragic incident involving an active shooter in central Christchurch.

One person is in custody, however Police believe there may be other offenders.

This is an evolving incident and we are working to confirm the facts, however we can confirm there have been a number of fatalities. 

Police is currently at a number of scenes. 

We understand that there will be many anxious people but I can assure New Zealanders that Police is doing all it can to resolve this incident. 

We urge New Zealanders to stay vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour immediately to 111.

We are mobilising resources nationally and support is being brought into the District.