A Kiwi-Indian researcher is seeking to find out how social the social media is by analysing the user-behaviour on facebook.

Auckland based academician Paula Ray, who also has a PhD from the University of Auckland is exploring how engagements on popular social media platform facebook are affecting real-life relationships, if at all.

Since women are traditionally associated with relationship-building, the researcher will specifically look at women's usage of Facebook among the Kiwi-Indian community.

Speaking to the Indian Weekender Dr Ray said, “Initially I am focussing specifically on Kiwi-Indian women’s Facebook usage.”

“Though I fully understand that the enquiry is relevant for the far wider audience including men; however I am keeping it focussed on women purely for the design of the research.”

Dr Ray is seeking responses from Kiwi-Indian women active on Facebook to share their insights on how social media engagements are transforming into real-life relationships.

The two main questions the researcher wants to address are:

1. Are their real-life communal ties reflected in their virtual interactions?

2. What could be the possible implications of such virtual networking?

Respondents are encouraged to contact researcher/Dr Ray directly at digi.activism@gmail.com