Members of Kiwi-Indian community are being urged to cast their online vote with the Million Dollar Mission 2019 to support the Waitakere Hindi Language School and Trust win a decent amount of charity supporting their endeavours.

The Million Dollar Mission is an online campaign of West Auckland based charity organisation The Trusts through which it distributes $1 Million funding among various community initiatives.

While last year The Trust’s Million Dollar Mission helped around 32 charities, schools and community groups to secure funding for different projects, this year 48 charities are participating in the campaign.

The online voting had begun on Friday, March 1, with every single vote being equal to $5, and will continue till $1 million funding is won by various eligible charitable organisations.

In 2018, the campaign continued for about two weeks, and with almost a week already passed, community members and supporters of different charities are being urged to put their vote at the earliest and support their chosen charity.

The Waitakere Hindi Language and Cultural School is an iconic school based in West Auckland, which has been quietly working on teaching Hindi language and Hindu cultural traditions to young children in the community.

First registered as a Non-Profitable charity in 2001 with only a handful of children, the organisation has evolved as a full-fledged school with a formal structure and classes from level 1-6, with a group of dedicated teachers and a curriculum of Hindi language. 

Speaking to the Indian Weekender President of the Waitakere Trust said, “We are looking for generous support from members of our community.

Waitakere Hindi Language and Cultural School President Saten Sharma (Picture: Facebook)

“Every support is welcome as it will assist us in achieving our main objective of preserving our language and our identity,” Mr Sharma said.

The Trusts is hoping that the voting will be finished much before the last date of March 31.

Last year social media campaigns had propelled the voting to be completed in just two weeks.

People can vote on the link