Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has announced that he is running for re-election in this year’s local government election. Mr Goff made the announcement to supporters on Sunday, March 3, at the Mt Albert War Memorial Hall, pledging to continue “building Auckland’s future”.

“I’m a born and bred Aucklander and I’m proud to call this city my home. Three years ago, I ran for Mayor because I wanted to play my part in shaping the future direction of our region – having started that job, I now want to see it through,” Phil Goff said. 

“I am 100 percent committed to the people of Auckland. I bring the experience, skills and integrity needed to lead our city as we go through some exciting but challenging times over the next 3 years.  I have the ability to work closely with the central government to get the best deal for the region.”

“We are making record levels of investment into the transport network to help unclog our roads, into a clean and green environment and into the infrastructure needed to service the record number of houses that are being built.

“The city is booming with $73 billion worth of construction underway, catering for a population that is growing by 30-40,000 people per year.

“Auckland is New Zealand’s international and globally-competitive city. What’s special about Auckland is that it’s a city that creates choice and opportunity for its people. We have amazing diverse and inclusive communities and a great natural environment to enjoy.”

Mr Goff said that the city’s high rate of growth also brings challenges and the need to make hard choices. 

“We’ve made good progress but there is still much more to do.” 

Mr Goff said more detailed policies will be released during the campaign, but if re-elected Mayor his focus will be on transport, housing, the environment, supporting local communities and delivering value for money.

“Aucklanders can trust me to get the job done. Together we are building a prosperous, vibrant, sustainable and exciting city. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Aucklanders to keep building Auckland’s future,” Mr Goff said.