The Telugu community of Waikato observed the Sankranti festival or the harvest festival of India on Sunday, January 13 at Phoenix Hall, Hamilton.

The event was hosted by New Zealand Telugu Association- Waikato chapter by getting the men, women and children of the Telugu community residing in the greater Waikato region to celebrate the Sankranti festival.

More than 200 people gathered in their colourful traditional wears and danced and sang celebrating the first big festival of the Indian community after the New Year.

The stage was decorated with the life-size posters of deities, and village environment including a small house and cow to bring the ambience of the home country alive in the celebrations.

A big attraction at the event was the contribution of youngsters who participated in the rangoli competition - an integral part of the celebration.

Young children used the parking space at the venue to showcase their talents of designing different patterns.

The Rangoli competition was followed by cultural performances by groups and solo entertainers.

Another big part of the Pongal celebration was the kite flying activity where scores of men and women with their colourful kites and string-roles, flew kites in the sunny skies of Hamilton.