A quick-minded action by a dairy store worker at the time of an armed intrusion prevented an armed robbery and further damages to a dairy store in Hamilton.

The incident happened on Monday, January 14 around 9:30 a.m. at Knighton Road Dairy in Hillcrest, Hamilton East.

Five men armed with screwdrivers and poles entered the dairy store and before they could do anything- the owner of the store activated the fog cannon forcing them to evade the scene and escape in their car.

“As soon as these people [armed robbers] entered with force into the store- I pushed the smoke alarm button on the top of my counter and it filled the place with dense smoke that forced the intruders to run outside and saved me for the agony of another robbery,” Jaimin Patel of Knighton Road Dairy in Hillcrest, Hamilton told The Indian Weekender.

“I was vigilant looking at the CCTV live images on the TV next to my counter, and as soon as the offenders entered, I was quick enough to activate the fog cannon that almost instantly blew a dense white cloud in the shop. The offenders then ran away from the shop,” Mr Patel added.

Mr Patel installed the fog cannon six months ago, and this was the first incident since. Before that Mr Patel had been robbed once and lost a sum of amount in both cash and stock.

Subsequently, police were able to arrest five men- who were also involved in another failed robbery attempt later in the day.

The same group approached a dairy store in a similar fashion on Aberdeen Drive in Dinsdale later in the day.

Police were called and attending officers located a vehicle with the alleged offenders inside.

When the vehicle failed to stop, a pursuit was initiated but quickly abandoned due to the manner of driving.

Police located the vehicle a short time later; however, its occupants had fled on foot.

Five people — four youths and one adult (aged 17) — were located following a search by officers, the dog section and Eagle helicopter.

Police are still making enquiries to locate a sixth person, seen wearing a dark green long sleeve top, as pictured.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Constable Ben Boserio at BBCO09@police.govt.nz (link sends e-mail) or by calling Hamilton Police on (07) 858 6200, quoting file 190114/4567.

“I am glad to know that the offenders have been arrested- it sighs relief,” Mr Patel told The Indian Weekender.

More to come.