"After Auckland Transport launched the New Network for our area in July there were a lot of changes and a few teething issues, so now it's time to ask locals how the new system is working for them," said David Holm, from Roskill Community Voice. "There are new bus stops, new shelters, new bus routes and numbers, as well as some better actual buses, and we want to know how those who use buses are finding it all."

The Great Puketapapa Mt Roskill Bus Survey closes on 9th December, and over 170 people have already given feedback on their experiences with the New (Bus) Network.

Questions cover a range of matters including:
• personal bus use increase/decrease since the changes
• safety issues at particular spots eg new crossing points for transfers
• what the bus user likes about the new system
• what single thing would they change about the New Network if they could

The survey is hosted at Survey Monkey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RoskillBus

The results will be collated and publicly released by Roskill Community Voice in mid-December. Recommendations from the survey results will also be presented to Auckland Transport, in the hope they will consider incorporating some of them in to tweaks they plan to roll out in the central area in late February 2019, or at a later date.

"We want to encourage and enable transport choices, particularly ones that help people to get out of cars, and we need the public transport service to be the best it can be. Those who use buses, or want to, have views and ideas about how to improve the system they use, and it's important they have a chance to share them," said Julie Fairey from Roskill Community Voice.