Hindu Economic Forum New Zealand was officially launched by Swami Vigyananand, founder of World Hindu Congress on Sunday, November 18, in Auckland, with the vision “Grow Together; Share Together”.

The Hindu Economic Forum New Zealand (HEFNZ) aims to bring together Hindu industrialists, business persons, traders, exporters and importers, bankers, technocrats, investors, professionals, economists, academicians and thinkers, so that each group can share their knowledge, experience, expertise and resources in order to contribute and make New Zealand Society prosperous.

A press release issued from their office on Wednesday, November 28 said, “New Zealand has the potential to emerge as a model economy with a clean and green image. However, there is a need to leverage the global situation for collective growth. In other words, leveraging economic opportunities through collaboration and cooperation such as getting market access across geographic zones and countries, spreading from Auckland to Alaska, and Oslo to Johannesburg, cutting across the entire globe will help to achieve the goal.”

“The world is interconnected through digital technology especially in the area of commerce and economy. Hindus have settled all around the world and linking those successful business people with New Zealand business community will definitely help New Zealand business, which also includes Maori business,” the press release further adds.

Swami  Vigyananand also announced the 1st New Zealand Hindu Economic conference to be organised by Hindu Economic Forum New Zealand in late 2019.