The leaders of the Indian Overseas Congress New Zealand (IOCNZ) held a meeting, along with the representatives of their youth wing, to discuss ways and means of mobilising support for the Congress Party, in the upcoming five-state and general elections in India.

India is currently in election mode, with five states –– Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram, Rajasthan and Telangana –– undergoing the election process for state-legislature, followed by general elections for the centre due in March-April 2019.

Increasingly, the Indian diaspora around the world, including NZ are being wooed by the major national and regional political parties in India.

Initially, the ruling Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), especially under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has upped the ante of wooing the global Indian diaspora, only to be followed by Indian National Congress Party and several regional parties.

More visits from senior Leaders of Indian National Congress Party

Eyeing the high stakes on upcoming elections, IOCNZ is working to get senior leaders of Indian National Congress Party in New Zealand.

Harminder Cheema, President IOCNZ, told The Indian Weekender, “Next week we are having a video conference with Sam Pitroda, Chairman, Indian Overseas Congress and Foreign Affairs Department, All India Congress Committee, about preparations for upcoming elections.

“The discussion will be about relaying Indian Overseas Congress’s views on state-elections back in India and also on getting senior leaders from the Congress Party visit NZ and interact with the Indian diaspora of New Zealand,” Mr Cheema said.

Road-safety seminar

The other major area of discussion in the IOCNZ meeting was engaging with the youths in the community.


 “Our meeting was focussed on engaging with youths in our communities, along with making preparations for the upcoming state and general elections in India.

“Indian Overseas Congress NZ is planning to hold a seminar on road safety, especially with the students and youngsters coming fresh into the country.

“There has been a gradual increase in the numbers of road incidents involving Kiwi-Indian youths, which is a cause of concern for our communities, and IOCNZ is keen to work in creating awareness and educating our youths,” Mr Cheema said.

“We will soon be making an announcement about the details of the event,” Mr Cheema said.