A free workshop dealing with robberies and burglaries by NZ Police in association with NZICA and Auckland Indian Association Inc brought multiple police parties involved in the process in the event of a robbery.

The event emphasised on the do’s and don’ts at the live demonstration by police and community safety volunteers exhibiting the whole process after such adverse incident till the offenders are produced in the court.

Starting from the communications team who take the distress call from the victim after the incident, the police team reporting at the incident, the dog and Eagle team, forensics and the prosecution team.

The event commenced with a startling demonstration of a violent robbery at a dairy/retail store where an armed offender enters the store, robs and injures the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper then calls 111 –the emergency number to report the incident- providing every small detail possible of the incident and the robber. The comms team simultaneously directs the message to the police team who note all necessary information needed and report to the retail store. The comms team at the same time sends the ambulance to provide any medical assistance required.

The next order of work is the police visiting the incident and if required come with the dog team sniffing, inspecting the damage and other details necessary for the investigation that will lead to the offender.

Once information is taken, the description is delegated to the Eagle team and forensics team who further investigate the incident site picking every small clue that can of use to catch the offender, such as hand-print, shoe prints, hair, footage on CCTV, etc. The team further instructs the dog team who zero down the location of the offender and then arrest them.

The main aim of the event was not just to educate the retailers involved in adverse situations and most importantly how to react and inform the police so that the offenders are caught as early as possible.

Following the demonstration, each team involved in the process gave a 10-15 minute presentation on the do’s and don’ts during the incident. This was also followed by a Q&A from the retailers with the teams and police reps.

Present at the event were also MP Kanwaljit Bakshi, Sunny Kaushal from Crime Prevention Group, local retailers from in and around Auckland, community leaders, police officers, members of the community.