This year's Republic Day parade invitation was unique and grabbed guests attention. Just like past years, it was beautifully designed but there was another detail which made the invitation exceptional.Believe it or not Republic Day 2022 invitation card is also a seed for a plant

If you look closer at the card, there is a note on the bottom that says, "Sow this card to plant an Amla plant". Now this may seem unusual but this is actually true. The paper on which the invitation is printed is made of seed paper which is made using fertiliser added during production. This 'plantable paper' which is also completely biodegradable can actually be planted to grow a real 'amla' plant.

Amla is known for its medicinal properties and there are such seed papers for several plants including Ashwagandha, Aloe Vera also. The aim of this special touch was to encourage and promote eco-friendly products.