The past year and a half has been challenging for each one of us not only across the nation, but all over the world. This time has also given a new meaning to humanity with many coming forward to help those in need on-ground and online, affirming that there truly are angels on earth. Through it all, it is our doctors, and healthcare workers who have been our pillars of support and strength, many of whom have lost their lives, leaving their loved ones and dreams behind.

Opening up about the lessons she has learnt from our doctors and healthcare workers, popular sports personality Sania Mirza shared, "While this has been a time of uncertainty, it has surely been a time of learning and reflection for me. Our doctors and healthcare workers have taught me how care is the essence of humanity, and how it will help us rise above the challenges we face. When I see their selflessness, I am reminded that in life there will be many ups and downs, but it's up to us to be brave and fearless and help those around us with love and care as we are at our best when we are giving back to others."

She added: "Even after training for years, there's a fear of the unknown before entering the court for a match and I can't imagine the strength that enabled our healthcare workers to face this pandemic head on and be brave for all of us."

Sania Mirza recently joined the Vicks #TouchOfCare under which the brand launched a film that tells the inspiring story of the late Dnyaneshwar Bhosle and his selfless care for the children in his village.

Sania says the new film moved her and made her realize that there is so much transformative power in care and the story of Dnyaneshwar Bhosale is a representation of the selfless acts of care of each one of those we lost, and those that are fighting to keep all of us safe.

As a mother herself, touched by the courage displayed by Priyanka Bhosale to keep the Late Bhosale's #TouchOfCare alive, Sania further shares: "Seeing Priyanka Bhosale's courage, I was extremely overwhelmed and I just want to send my prayers to her and many others with healthcare workers in the family. I stand in solidarity with each of them and my heart is humbled to be part of a country that is home to these beautiful souls. The fight isn't over but we will conquer this if we listen to the wise words of our medical workers, get vaccinated and take all the precautions to keep us and those around us safe. I want to encourage each one of you to show kindness towards our healthcare workers and doctors and keep their touch of care alive in whatever way we can."