I am completely committed to improving transport in Mt Roskill; it’s one of the most important issues in our community.

I am consistently hearing from locals who need a strong local advocate, with a track record of getting things done, to stand up for them and help improve local roads and public transport. My plan includes:

-Abolishing T3 lanes

-Adding a lane on the corner of Melrose and Oakdale Streets to improve traffic flow

-More bus services and more sheltered bus stops

-A roundabout and pedestrian crossing on Queenstown Rd

-Pedestrian railing adjacent to the roundabout on Bel Air Drive/Queenstown Road 

The T3 lanes are completely absurd. I barely see people driving on them and think it’s time for them to go. My priority is to work with Auckland Council to make them see sense and have them either provide proof that the lanes are easing congestion or see what we all see locally and make some changes. I notice in other parts of Auckland they’ve brought in T2 lanes, so if they can prove that T2 lanes are worth it, they could at least reduce the passenger requirement.

I also want to see more heavy traffic off our residential streets. The government is investing a huge amount in some of the major highways and ring routes through Auckland to better help people and businesses get moving; it’s one of the fundamental ways you make families’ lives easier and keep the economy growing. There are some big projects coming on stream over the next few months and years, and I know this will make a real difference locally.

Another way this can be helped is by reducing unnecessary traffic, which is why we need to fix the gaps in public transport in Mt Roskill. There are clearly parts of the area not being serviced by buses so another part of my transport plan for Roskill includes working with the council to fill in these glaring holes. At the moment, they are treating public transport like a service they reluctantly have to provide, instead of taking a customer-first approach and designing the routes in a way that actually work for the people who are paying for them.

These issues have been building for a long time, but Labour have been taking Mt Roskill for granted. You can’t trust a word my opponent says on transport, because it seems to change depending on which office he’s running for.

Mt Roskill residents deserve a strong, effective electorate MP with experience, mandate and resources to really work for them.

I am the clear choice this election and I hope you will give me your support when voting opens on November 21.