New Zealanders are facing the biggest economic downturn in living memory. To assist Kiwis during these uncertain times, the New Zealand National Party will cut taxes and put an extra $3,000 in the average Kiwi’s back pocket. 

We believe that to keep our economy ticking, New Zealanders need money to spend.

National’s temporary tax relief will give Kiwis the confidence to go out and spend, which will be crucial for our retail, tourism and hospitality businesses to survive this economic crisis.

In comparison Labour’s only answer to our economic crisis is increasing taxes. No country has ever taxed its way out of recession.

Labour is taking on a massive amount of debt. What New Zealand borrows now must be repaid by future generations through taxes; it must be wisely invested to build a better economy.

Labour hasn’t delivered on its promises and has a track record of failure: Kiwi Build is a disaster, they have made no progress on infrastructure and child poverty is getting worse.

National’s plan will get us back on track. We know that Kiwis and Kiwi businesses can grow our economy better than the government can. We will let Kiwis keep more of what they earn.

We know you can spend your money to look after your family better than the government can.

In addition the New Zealand National Party will invest in vital infrastructure for future generations – like a second Auckland Harbour crossing.  

We will double the size of New Zealand’s technology sector by 2030 with a $1.29 billion plan that will aim to create at least 100,000 new high-paying, future-proofed tech jobs.

With about 50,000 Kiwis returning home because of the Covid-19 pandemic, now is the time to harness their talent and create an ecosystem of technology companies in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s technology exports now total $8 billion per annum – equal to our forestry and seafood exports combined.

National’s NZ Tech 2030 Plan will be geared towards increasing this to $16 billion by 2030, establishing thousands of new tech businesses in the process.

National’s NZ Tech 2030 Plan is expected to cost $690 million over its first four years. Infrastructure upgrades over the following six years are expected to cost another $600m, bringing the total cost to $1.29 billion.