First Man came: Religions were instituted later for the evolution of his soul. Man was not made for the sake of religion but the purpose was to attain bliss and to realize the Lord.

The God created human beings; and only later did they become Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus and so forth. God does not belong to any particular race, country, nationality, caste or religion. His language, colour, race and religion is love only. He is all pervading, omnipresent, omnipotent and monotheistic.

We all are spiritual divine beings passing through human existence. Our soul is a particle of God. That means we belongs to Him and He belongs to us; we are of Him, as He is of us.
True religion teaches us to love all and to remember God. While loving the Lord, we have to love his creation also.

Muslim Mystic Sheikh Saadi had said, “Sons of Adam are organs of each other. As in the beginning , they spring from the same stalk. When pain is caused to one organ, other organs lose their tranquillity.”

According to Hinduism, “Compassion is the basic element of any religion.” Lord Buddha also said,” Non-violence is the supreme religion.”

A Muslim saint has said, “Thousands of rituals and worship and obeisances; thousands of fasts/Rozas and in each fast thousands of prayers; and remaining awake for thousands of nights... all are not acceptable to the Lord if that man injures others.”

In the Holy Quran it is mentioned that different modes of worship and rituals have been prescribed by prophets in different times. Whether one utters Ram or Khuda or Allah or God or Lord Buddha or Christ, Vahe Guru or Jehovah or any other name, the reference is to the same Merciful Creator who is nameless.

In any language you pray to the God, He understands it only if it is done from the core of our heart. What is happening today, all over the world, is that radicals are killing innocent children, women and old people all in the name of Allah/ God. Hatred is being spread against people of other faiths and religions.

Many people have been maimed for life and families ruined since their bread -winners are either killed or seriously injured in the ruthless bomb/ missile attacks. Women are prohibited from going to work in jobs or prevented from studying in school or college. How could such suppressive countries progress?

In Syria, Iraq and many other countries in the Middle-East and Africa, Sunnis and Shi’ites are fiercely fighting against each other, killing hundreds of innocent people and destroying their cities and home without any valid reason and with no positive conclusion or result.

Their intolerance and narrow-mindedness towards other sects and faiths divide the people, resulting in unending blood bath. Who is going to gain? None of these communities nor the common people of any sect or religion are going to gain except perhaps arms manufacturers or dealers.

Concepts like Jihad-murderous attempts to enforce belief and behaviour on others- belong in the evil past of human history. The end products of such actions are hatred, destruction and total anarchy. And there is worldwide identification of Muslims communities with intolerance and militancy.

With one breath, they say, “Allah is merciful and most compassionate” yet with another breath they say, “Kill the infidels: destroy the unbelievers,” showing no mercy in their cruel killing of the innocent.

Maulvi Rum, the highly respected mystic of Turkey, once said, “The Saints /Prophets/ Murshid have come to unite and not to separate people.”

Mystic Hafiz has said,” The same candle lights the mosque, church and the temple. I wonder why there is enmity between the believers and non-believers.”

If we treat people of other faiths as non-believers or infidel, then we are not following the Will of the Lord but going against it. And that is sin. If we speak hatred and abuse to them or about them, that is blasphemy. How Allah would be happy with such acts of cruelty against its own loving children.

The radicals brainwash the youths to convince them that by waging Jihad they would go upon their death to Zannat( paradise) and enjoy the pleasures of the beautiful virgins in gardens of delight. How stupid is this ignorant myth! If they killed the children of an all-mighty father, how he is going to treat the perpetrators? Would He punish them to Hell or reward them to paradise.”Even a child can answer this question correctly .

Even putting aside reason for a moment and assuming that the killers went to paradise, would such mentally sick sadistic monsters, guilty of such evil, enjoy the fruits of their cruelty?
Allah /God rule the whole universe with the Law of Karma, basically the law of cause and effect. According to this universal law:“As you sow, you shall reap .“

Karmic Law is a matter of balancing our karmic debit and credit account. Prophet Mohammed also said, “He who does a good deed will receive ten times its worth; And he who does evil will be requited to an equal degree; and no will be wronged.”