You can lose your driving licence for a variety of offences such as drink-driving, dangerous or careless driving or by getting too many demerit points. In these cases people often ask if they can get a licence for work purposes. The answer is yes. An exception though is for taxi and bus drivers. They cannot get a limited licence to drive taxis or buses.

A limited licence, also called a work license, is a temporary licence issued by the court after approval of a judge. It will have special conditions on it which limit your driving to certain hours and days of the week. It is designed to relieve extreme hardship mainly so as you can keep your job or deal with urgent family/medical matters.

Do special conditions apply???
Normally a limited or work licence will spell out the hours that you can drive, on which days you can drive, and where you can drive. Normally you must fill out a log book every time you drive your vehicle. You must fill in where you are going before you start your trip.

Consequences for driving outside the terms of your limited licence:

If you drive outside the conditions of your limited/work licence and are caught then you will face a fresh charge of driving while disqualified. You will face a further six month disqualification, a further fine, your car will be impounded and your limited licence will automatically expire.

Can you get a limited licence during the 28 day suspension period???
Suspension for a period of 28 days is mandatory in many cases. If you drive in this period and you are stopped by the police you will be charged with driving while disqualified and you will not get a limited licence. If you are convicted you will be suspended for a further 6 months, or 12 months if it is a third or subsequent conviction for driving while disqualified/suspended.

Can you be refused a limited/work licence if you are suffering hardship?
Yes, if you have two or more drink drive convictions over the alcohol level - 400 breath or 80 blood - or because you refused to give a blood sample within the last five years.
You should also be aware that the police prosecution can oppose an application for a limited/work licence if they consider you to be a danger on the road and a threat to the public safety. This may occur if you have an extensive list of previous drink drive convictions or a bad traffic record.

Can you still apply for a limited licence if the police oppose it?
Yes. This is because ultimately it is the Judge who determines the application. Sometimes police concerns can be met by the judge imposing special conditions. It will be very helpful to you to attend a defensive driving course.

While the specific conditions may seem restrictive, a limited licence will however allow a disqualified driver to keep his or her employment and maintain a level of income. That is better than an absolute prohibition on driving. Please consult your lawyer for any further advice.
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