Located in Lonavla near Pune in Maharashtra, India- Kaivalyadhama Ashram is one of the oldest Yoga institutes in the world. Swami Kuvalyananda established the institute in 1924. The institute is renowned for its comprehensive and most innovative research, studies and practice into Yoga studies.

The 32 member delegates invited by Ministry of Ayush, India and India Tourism visited the Ashram sitting on 180 acres of lush forest as a part of the yoga tour.

Kaivalyadhama teaches and follows the Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali, the pioneer who laid down the foundation for traditional yoga. Patanjali, who was the first to standardise and codify Yoga practice, drew up eight steps for silencing the mind: restraints, observances, postures, breath control, and withdrawal slowing of thought, contemplation and meditation. These eight steps systematically wash away the impurities of the mind, making it progressively pure and cleansed

The institute so unique and renowned not just amongst yoga practitioners in India and abroad such that students from Japan, Korea, China, US, France, Australia, Germany, Korea and Canada come to get an education in the field of Yoga, Ayurveda and naturopathy.

Three unique things that were noted and lauded by the delegates in their one-day trip at the ashram were its teachers- who were so equipped with knowledge that can only be achieved through true dedication and years of hard work.

“The yoga instructor, who although looked very young but was equipped with every aspect of yoga, Vedic teachings, and had answers to every question the visitors had about the yogic beliefs and practices,” said one of the delegates after the visit.

The second aspect that astounded the guests was the food and diet structure studied, practised and taught at the institute. A regular food chart at the in-house kitchen had organically grown vegetable curries, plain rice, wheat roti, lentils- and simplest forms of vegetarian and organic food prepared both the for the visitors, students, patients and the entire faculty.

The third impressive part of the visit at Kaivalyadham Ashram was the library of the institute that comprised books, literary works not just in the field of medicine, yoga, Vedic scriptures but also historical books and novels dated over a century.

The librarian, a senior member of the institute who had dedicated more than 50 years of her life maintaining, and managing the library.

As a part of the tour, the visitors were also taken to a small where the teachers and students practised yoga, chanting mantras and meditated.

Kaivalyadhama houses a 75kW Solar PV Plant in its campus. This source of electricity generation accounts for energy security and increases efficiency over the institute’s wide geographical area. It is renewable and does not cause environmental pollution. Kaivalyadhama is also equipped with windmills for electricity generation.

The institute conducts workshops, online courses on yoga and Ayurveda teacher training, research on yoga, scientific and philosophical studies, and other programs in the field of naturopathy, yoga and weight loss.

For more information on Kaivalyadhama Yoga courses, college and Ashram activities people can contact the Ashram: Kaivalyadhama Ashram Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla (Pune) 410 403. Tel. (02114) 273039. www.kdham.com.

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